Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top Hot Businesses

The timing is everything. You have got to know when to start your own business but you also have to know what your business will be. The trends are changing rapidly. What is hot today might not be hot tomorrow. Here is my list of top hot business ideas right now for you to start from your own home!

1. Resale
You don't have it in you to be creative? You are not into handiwork? You don't have enough money to start producing something?
You can always resell other people stuff. Try and find out what your town, country, state or whatever is looking for, buy it online, bring it in and sell it!
But remember, hot product of the day might just be that - of this day.

2. Freelancing
Freelancing is all about offering your services to the highest bidder. Try to figure out what you are good at and offer your services to the public. Maybe it is web design, maybe it is presentation skills or whatever. There are many sites serving as a bridge between those looking for freelancers and those who are freelancing. Try them out!

3. Facebook
Provide your services on Facebook. Facebook has over a billion users worldwide. You can create a Facebook page offering such services as creating fan pages, Facebook adverts etc. Just promote it on Facebook, first among your friends and see how it expands!

4. Bulk SMS
Sounds easy? Well it is! It is quite cheap to get set up with your mobile operator in order to be able to send bulk SMS. Next step is to contact your local businesses, churches, restaurants and what not and start selling those SMSs in their name!

5. Google Adsense
It would be a shame not to mention Adsense. Start your own blog or website, fill it with interesting topics, sign up for adsense and watch the money trickle in. Trickle in at start but watch out - The Flood is coming!