Friday, February 8, 2013

10 Great Business Ideas

What is one single thing every business must have? A business idea! Without an idea about what to do you can't do anything.
Therefore I have searched near and far in order to try and present 10 great business ideas that just could be the next great thing.
Here comes the list.
1. App development - apps are still the craze. Whether we are talking about Android apps or iPhone apps it doesn't matter really. The potential is great just get there and make the new Angry birds!

2. Online selling - the business is moving to the web, or should I say "into the Cloud" :) Anyway the online shopping is increasing by leaps and bounds. Why not turn your focus on online shop instead of the classic store? The costs are definitively lower, the potential market is bigger, so what are you waiting for?

3. Online booking/travel agency - people like to travel but are usually lazy to walk from door to door in order to get all the information (sort of a paradox). Give it to them all - from the comfort of their couch.

4. Translations - world is getting smaller but still we are not all speaking a same language. Brazil, Russia, India and China are getting stronger and stronger but most of the business is still performed in English. Translations from and to those languages are high in demand!

5. Bike rental - many cities worldwide don't have any kind of bike rental. On the other hand people are more and more environmentally conscious. Let them use a bike for a fee! So instead of buying a bike and worrying whether it gets stolen they just rent it and drive it!

6. Children's clothing - I'm talking handmade. One of my teachers told me long ago - when you start a business make children your target market. People will always buy stuff for their kids. So in order to be different from the mass manufactured items start a small production of handmade kids clothes.

7. Instructions - If you have extensive knowledge in a certain field why not teach people? It is a great and rewarding job.

8. Property management - once again back to traveling. More and more people are looking for apartments they can rent for a couple of days when traveling. Why not organize people who have empty apartments, offer them revenue, and you take care of cleaning and guest, for a fee of course!  

9. Blogging - yes that's exactly what I am doing, blogging. Don't be fooled that it is an easy job. You can make money from blogging but you have to be innovative and interesting and proactive.

10. Farming - no I am not talking about acres and acres of wheat. Find a vegetable (or a fruit) for which there is a demand and it pays good. Also take care how much crops will yield, when and how often. Start small with couple of plants and grow organically (pun intended) as you gain revenue.

That's all folks! Those are my ideas. And just so you don't think that I'm all talk I'll let you in on little secret. Of these ten ideas I am actually working on 4. Trying and believing in success. So there you have. 10 great business ideas you have to try.

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